Decorate for a Garden Party

Created by: The Simple Truth Blog

There's nothing quite like kicking back and enjoying the beauty and serenity of the outdoors, especially when in the company of great friends.

No matter how big or small your garden may be, there's always room to entertain, and a few decorative touches can make a big difference.

Lighting and décor can transform any outdoor space. Consider using tiki torches, lanterns, or holiday lights to create a more relaxed atmosphere. To add a bit more color, place a floral arrangement in the center your table.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs (especially if they're from your garden!) will make your menu shine. Try dropping a strawberry or two in wine white or champagne to give it a little fruit flavor. Parsley, basil, and mint leaves can all be used to garnish meals, as well as the rims of cocktail glasses. Serve beverages that enhance the organic food pairings and don't forget to include non-alcoholic options like sparkling water or fresh-squeezed juices.

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